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1618 2nd Ave.,
Trail, BC V1R 1M5

Tuesday: 9:30am - noon,
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Wednesday: 9:30am - noon,
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Friday: 9:30am - noon,
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Saturday: 9:30am - noon


Professional Associations, Awards & Certifications

• Naturopathic Doctor Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine 1993

• Founders Scholarship (Summa Cum Laude CCNM) for Academic Excellence 1993

• Dr. A Tyler/ Dr. AA Wood Award in Naturopathic Medicine 1993

• Honours Bachelor of Physical & Health Education Lakehead University 1981


~I initially started my son on the Influenzium/Gelsenium regimen over 10 years ago as he had a compromised immune system (being born at 1 lb 3 oz) and not wishing to have anymore chemicals injected into him; of course my husband and I also started the same regimen. My son, who is now 15-years-old, and my husband and I have never had the flu since starting this regimen. This is an incredible effective regimen to prevent getting the flu and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to the flu shot to start this regimen. Connie

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